Peeling the Onion


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Codependents look at love, sex, & relationship addiction and avoidance.

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8 reviews for Peeling the Onion

  1. Melissa P.

    One of my favourite pieces of literature. Easy to relate to, inspiring and informative. Helped me asses my codependent relationships and guided me to what recovery would look like having authentic and healthy relationships. So grateful for this handbook!

  2. e.

    This book continues to aid in my recovery. It has comforted and challenged me. Peeling the Onion is the book I recommend to all, with it’s depth and breadth of helpful, and enlightening information. It shines the light of truth on the shadows of codependency and dispels the darkness of codependent living.

  3. i. (verified owner)

    A must read for new comers. Wonderful overview of the complexity of this disease. It is assisting me with feeling hopeful about improving my serenity by simply reminding myself l am never alone when l cling to my higher power! Many thanks.

  4. Karen G.

    Great coda info. I do not feel it should be a must read for all new comers. Watch your words, what are your motives.
    When I was ready my HP through my intimacy with a consistent meeting opened the Avenue to peeling the onion.
    This publication was certainly a long long labor of wisdom, love, acceptance and hope for a better future for suffering codependents.

  5. Patti W.

    Easy to get into. M first time.

  6. Patti W.


  7. Bronwyn V. (verified owner)

    As a relative newcomer to CoDA who is easily triggered due to trauma with a sex addict, I think I will save this publication for a littler later in my recovery. I can see that it will be a very useful booklet when I am ready to dive into it. Includes side-by-side comparisons of codependent vs. authentic relationships and a section of personal recovery stories. The booklet concludes with the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, 12 Promises and a few pages for notes.

  8. Irma p.

    Good reading

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